Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wet, Photo Challenge

How lucky for me that it was raining today.  Today, when the challenge is "wet"!  Timing is everything.

This was as I was stopped behind a bus this morning watching it stop again and again and again on the same road picking up the little snowflakes for school.  For real, has Ohio never heard of a bus STOP instead of five stops in three blocks?  But, I digress.  Wet. I was sitting in the rain, behind a school bus.

Then, the other day I was taking pictures at Lakeview Park.  Lake Erie = wet.  Get it??

That's what I have today for wet.  Please go on over and check out Lisa, Georgia and Taia and see what they posted.  The links to their blogs are on the top right.


Georgia said...

The first pic is awesome, Ree! The perfect interpretation of "wet". Good work!

Lisa said...

Agree with you 1000% about the bus stops! But we wouldn't want the sweet little darlings to get too wet, now would we ;-)