Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Looking back to 1975

Talk about a blast from the past!

My brother Michael came across this picture and sent it to me today.  I remember this so very well.  This was taken at Micheal's wedding, and I believe that was in 1975!  Yes, I am OLD!!

Who are those three gorgeous YOUNG broads???

That is me on the left, my sister Barb in the middle and my sister Cathie on the right!  Dang, are we gorgeous or what!!

This is a few lifetimes ago but seeing this picture sure brought back memories. A lot has happened to the three of us since this picture was taken.  But one thing didn't change - I have the two best sisters in the world. 

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Michael.  Send me the rest of the picture next time!  I think this one has all of us in there!