Sunday, September 21, 2014

Speaking of Commercials . . .

Yesterday's post about commercials got me thinking.

Years ago, shortly after I moved to Ohio, I did a radio commercial for a local business.  It was a lot of fun!  I got to go to a radio station in Cleveland, into a recording studio and in two takes, I made a commercial!  Hey, for a day, I felt like a star.

For about a month after that, I kept that radio station on in my car and in my office.  I would even do a little dance in my office every time I heard my voice on air.

That said, I did that commercial because I believed in the business.  They treated me right when I needed them and I was happy to tell people about that in the radio commercial.  Plus, I have a face for radio!

What else do I feel that strongly about?  I mean I am not shy when it comes to giving people my opinion.  I give my opinion to the few people that read my blog, or face to face to anyone that will listen.  But to go so public with my opinion that the entire city of Cleveland and the surrounding area would hear it?

The Shark.

I love my Shark.  I love my Shark Rotator Lift Away Vacuum!  This was worth every penny I paid for it.  I would highly recommend it, especially if you have pets. I can vacuum a rug until I think it's as clean and hair free as it will get.  I empty the dirt catcher, and vacuum the rug again and I'm telling you, I will refill that dirt catcher with more cat hair!  It is amazing!  When I vacuum the hair out of my rugs and furniture, I vacuum the hair OUT!  I love the power, the light weight, the lift away to be a canister to make doing the stairs easier, I love the attachments.  Can you tell I love this product?

What started my love affair with the Shark brand was when I bought my Shark Steam Mop.  Again, with the cats, I love that I can steam clean my floors in a heart beat, and I leave no chemical residue behind on the floor.  You know I worry about my cats.  Here, nothing to worry about.  The only negative thing about the mop is that the handle needs to be sturdier.  I blogged before that I broke the handle and Ron had to put a few bolts through it to fix it and reinforce it.  It's perfect now!

So, if any of you know any one at the Shark company, put in a good word for me. Any time they need a new professional spokesperson for their product, I'm in.  Love love love them!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yes, I probably watch too much TV.  What I don't watch a lot of is commercials since I have a DVR.  I do love fast forwarding through commercials!

I hapened to see two commercials today that I had to write about.

The first one was for an upcoming movie, Annabelle.  Remember the movie Chuckie about a possessed doll?  This looks 100 times SCARIER!  I'm not a fan of scary movies but holy cow, the freakin' commercial scared the crap out of me. Trust me, I may be sleeping with the lights on tonight.  Dang! If the commercial freaks me out like this can you imagine if I actually went to see the movie?  No, thank you.

Another commercial I saw today was for Chevrolet.  I guess their new cars are coming out with their own Wi-Fi.  Now I guess some people that "work" out of their car, like salespeople, might find a use for a mobile Wi-Fi spot.  But the commercial I saw was trying to talk up the advantages of family in the car with Wi-Fi.

Call me old fashioned . . . but that's now he we did it when I was a kid.

Sunday rides were cheap entertainment for us kids when I was young.  Dad had to watch us all on Sundays and like I said, this was cheap entertainment.  We didn't have Wi-Fi, we didn't have ipads, ipods, game boys or anything else I don't know how to use.  We had comic books, we had the alphabet game, we had license plate state counting, we actually talked to each other, told stories, did a million things to occupy ourselves on a long car trip. All without Wi-Fi.

I know, I'm old fashioned.  Generations before me would say "you had electricity??  We lived without electricity and we walked to school up hill both ways" and all that.  I know I'm going into the information age slowly and kicking and screaming.  Hell, I just learned what an "app" was in the last year!

The bottom line is, I couldn't understand why people needed smart phones.  Now I have one and I can't imagine not having one.  Now I'm poo poo-ing a Wi-Fi in my car, I guess when my next car comes with one, I won't imagine how I lived without one all these years.

Commercials.  They're here to tell me what I need before I know I need it.