Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Toilet Humor

Ok, maybe this post isn't humorous, but it is about toilets.

There has been a media campaign going on in the Cleveland area that has to do with flushing old and outdated medication down your toilets.

As far back as I can remember, whenever you wanted to get rid of any meds, you were to flush them down the toilet. Any antibiotics that you didn't finish like you should have, or aspirin that was out of date, or anti inflammatories that made you sick to your stomach. Flush them. That way, no one gets their hands on things they shouldn't have their hands on. Every year or so when I go through my medicine cabinet, I flush all outdated cough syrup, allergy tabs, aspirin, whatever.

This media campaign is now warning people not to flush these meds down the toilet. Instead, we are to throw them in the garbage. The radio commercials suggest putting any pills in with your worst garbage, and then mixing them with coffee grounds or something before putting them out. But, don't flush them as they are going through the waste treatment plants and not getting filtered out and they are contaminating our water.

Yeah, go back and read that last paragraph again. The first time I heard this on the radio, it didn't really sink in. But this morning, it hit me like a brick right between the eyes.

In my years on this earth I can honestly say that I've never thought much about what happens to our bodily wastes once the toilet is flushed. As long as it's not in my bowl any longer, I guess it's not my problem. Or so I thought. I just took for granted that when I turned on the kitchen faucet to get a drink of water, that's what I was drinking. Nice, fresh, cold, clean water. How wrong I was. Our water is being contaminated with everyone's flushed drugs among whatever else they are not filtering out.

Now that I start to think about this subject, it's kind of hard to stop. I mean, what happens to the family goldfish or parakeet that is flushed? What about just plain old human waste? If the water treatment plants can't filter out some Sudafed or Percodan, or birth control are they really filtering out fecal matter or Tweety? O M G. One thing I haven't previously been afraid of is my drinking water.

So now they are saying that they can't filter out all these meds. Is this scaring the crap out of anybody besides me?

Well, I did do a little research. According to some of the websites I've looked at like this one and this one, the danger is to the waterways that inevitably are the recipients of the flushed water after it has gone through the waste treatment plants. Recent studies in Michigan and elsewhere have found levels of antidepressants, birth control and heart medications to name a few, in the Grand River near Grand Rapids and the Huron River near Ann Arbor.

Scientists have found Prozac harming mussels in the Ohio Rivers and drugs feminizing male fish in the Potomac River in Washington DC.

I'm telling you, this has been so eye opening. I have really put forth a concerted effort to diminish my carbon footprint on this earth. I am attempting to learn what I can and going "green". Recycling is huge in our house as is stopping vampire electricity to name just a few measures we've undertaken. Now I feel no matter what we do, it's not enough and we're still killing ourselves.

As frightening as it is that our fish and wildlife are being affected by what has been flushed down our toilets, it is even more terrifying that scientists also found "extremely tiny" concentrations of Ibuprofen in treated drinking water in Ann Arbor. WHAT? I'd like to know what these scientists consider "extremely tiny". I can't imagine that any level is acceptable. And, that's just one drug they are mentioning. How many more are there?

It's really true: the very air we breathe is killing us. If the air doesn't get us, the water will.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dance With Me

There is a youngster in the neighborhood that has been a sight for as long as we’ve lived in the neighborhood. He has been standing on a particular street corner with his boom box playing loudly with him doing some serious head banging in time to the music. And, he holds up a sign that proudly proclaims “Eminem is my Daddy!”

Um, I have a feeling the rapper is the same age if not younger than our neighborhood dancer. But that’s ok. If it makes him happy to hold up that sign and dance on the street corner then so be it.

Ok, perhaps the kid isn’t in charge of all of his faculties. But you know what? Whenever you go by him, he’ll wave and he’s always smiling. It doesn’t matter why he’s so happy as long as he is so happy.

The pizza chain Little Caesar’s Pizza has a store in our neighborhood as well. They have now hired our neighborhood dancer to stand in front of their store wearing a Little Caesar’s Pizza t-shirt and do the same thing he does every other day of the week. He dances to his boom box holding up a sign and smiling and waving at the cars going by. Now the sign extols the $5.00 pizza from Little Caesar’s Pizza instead of the charms of Eminem, but the result is the same, just now on a new corner.

You can’t help but smile to watch him so filled with joy at just being alive. It makes you stop, roll down your window so you can hear the beat, and bop your head in time to the music as you beep and wave.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chores 'n Stuff

Ron made it home safe and sound on Friday afternoon. I guess I should have posted this sooner as there have been a lot of people asking about him! Yes, he is home, and he is doing surprisingly well with the jet lag. Aside from being very tired Friday night, to me he seemed back to normal by Saturday. normal as he gets anyway!

I learned one thing on Friday night. I knew Ron was existing mostly on sandwiches while in Amsterdam. You pick your bread, you pick your meat and cheese and you slap it all together and call it a meal. While I have no problem with this lifestyle, I know this is not his cup of tea. I imagined that the poor guy would want a substantial meal when he got in, and I don't think he would want to wait for me to cook something after getting home. Friday nights are always challenging when it comes to finding someplace to eat where you don't have to wait an hour for a table. So, I tried something I never have before - call ahead seating.

I called Texas Roadhouse as we were pulling out of the airport and said I'd like a table for two. She gave me a confirmation number, and we just drove leisurely out of the airport and over to the restaurant, maybe a half hour away. We went in, checked in, and had to wait maybe two minutes before we were taken back to our seats. Considering the lobby was packed with people waiting to be seated, this was such a bonus! Hardly any waiting and we were soon sitting with a bucket of fresh peanuts and a basket of warm rolls. Hard to beat that.

Saturday, Ron did have to take a service call in the early evening. Luckily, he was only gone a few hours, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Other than that, the weekend was a good one.

With the time of year, everything at home is growing like crazy. Our grass had to be a good six inches high in spots! Well, I'm afraid of the riding lawn mower and there is no way I'm doing all of that with just a push mower, so the grass was one thing that had to wait for the honey do list for when he got back. (Luckily, I did take care of that spider all by myself that was previously residing in our bathroom, may he rest in peace.)

Sunday it was an absolutely gorgeous day so we headed out for some yard work. In our neighborhood, before you do anything, you have to go out and pick up the crap. With a park a block up the street and a convenience store a block over, plus just idiots driving up and down the street, you never know what you'll find in our yard. You can guarantee though that most of it won't be good for a lawnmower.

I picked up a broken whiskey bottle (and I wasn't able to find all of the pieces of that - what's that about?), an intact beer bottle, a condom wrapper (magnums, thank you very much) candy wrappers, paper cups, juice boxes, homework papers, mysterious plastic pieces, plastic grocery bags, potato chip bags etc. It took me two trips to the garbage with all of this crap. And, it's not like this stuff just piles up out there. We police our yard almost daily, so this is not an uncommon load. As a matter of fact, once Ron even found a dead dog in a garbage bag on our front lawn. I can't even imagine someone's thought process on that one. Thank heavens so far, the only thing I haven't found in our yard have been new or used needles.

Anyway, after the garbage pick up, we start the mowing. Ron does give me the choice of riding the riding mower or pushing the hand mower. The hand mower has to just go around the edges of the grass, by the flower beds, and around all of the trees and sign posts. Trust me, you can get pretty dizzy going around everything twice to give him room with the riding mower to not smack his head on branches in the yard, or not worry about getting in close to a sign post on the tree lawn.

Ron thinks he gets the sweeter deal because he can sit on the mower while I'm out there pushing and getting dizzy. He can't understand why I choose the "harder" job. HA! Because I can be done with my part lickety split and be back to doing other things while he's still riding around! I'm no dummy!! He was only 1/2 done when I was back in the house, kool aid in hand, with the Cubs game on the TV! I still think I got the better end of the work detail.

Ok, the Cubs lost, but they are still in first place (knock wood) in the NL Central Division. Yeah, it's starting out to be a great summer. Welcome home, Ron and GO CUBS!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

He's Got My Back

I've lived alone for a long time. So, Ron being gone this week didn't worry me much. There were a few things that I went over with him before he left, just to make sure - like how to shut the water off to the house. But other than emergency procedures like that, I'm jiggy on my own. I'm not afraid to be in the house alone.

That is - except for the basement.

This has nothing to do with the ghosts in our house. I'm even ok with them. But basements have BUGS! Can you say eww? You know I hate bugs. Any bugs. No matter what, there is always something down there be it spiders, roly polys, crickets and remember when we had the bat? It may not be a bug but it's just as bad. For this reason, I try to limit my alone time in the basement. Ron is almost always willing to go to the basement with me if I need to go after dark. I seem to do better if it's light outside but if it's dark, forget about it. I know that more creepy things come out after dark, like that damn bat. At least if I have back up I feel safer.

This blog is a shout out to my brother Jim! Once again, he saved me. He has my back.

Monday night I had gone out to dinner and came home as it was getting dark. A lot of our extra supplies are kept in the basement and I really needed to go grab some of them. Ok, if you must know, I was almost out of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom so this is now a necessity that I suck it up and go to the basement alone at night.

Just as I get to the bottom of the stairs, my phone rings and it's brother Jim! He was calling to check on me to see how I was handling my alone time. I told him he had perfect timing as I had just walked down to the basement! He knows how I hate bugs having lived with me for how many years. He's killed his share of spiders in my vicinity at the family homestead. Being the good brother that he is, he offered to stay on the line with me, sort of like holding my hand through it via long distance. I was definitely jiggy with that!

With Jim on the phone, I was able to do more than I thought. I grabbed the toilet paper for the upstairs bathroom, I needed more storage bags for the kitchen, I emptied the full dehumidifier in the basement and even went pee all the while on the phone with Jim. I only dropped the phone once!

I told Jim he was my hero for getting me through that stressful situation (yeah, hard to believe I'm over 40, isn't it) and he said anytime I needed to get to the basement for the rest of the week to do laundry or whatever, he'd be on call for babysitting me. Now that's a good brother!

I have another Jim story, less his head now gets too big to fit through a door.

Tuesday evening, I'm up in the computer room, of course playing Pogo. I don't remember what time it was, but it was late. I was already dressed for bed and just playing games and watching tv. I decided to head down to the kitchen for another glass of kool aid (yes, I really am over 40!) and I looked at my phone sitting there on my desk and I was wondering if I should carry it downstairs with me to get my kool aid. Then again, I didn't have pockets so I didn't want to lug it with me. Besides, I'm only going to be two minutes to run downstairs and back up again.

So there I was, in the kitchen in mid pour and I heard a "thud" coming from upstairs. Now what the heck was I supposed to do? Those ghosts that I just got done telling you didn't bother me were suddenly in the front of my mind. I had four cell phones at the house - my two and Ron's two, and all four are upstairs. I got nothing downstairs. Well, I have my axe handle I use to make it to the car when there are dogs around. I don't know how effective it is going to be against a ghost but I thought maybe if it was an intruder I'd have a chance. I grabbed my axe handle and my glass of kool aid and up I went.

I started up the stairs, turning on every light I could. Upstairs, I give a quick look around and nothing seemed grossly out of place. What the heck did I hear? There I was, standing in the hallway when I hear BZZZZZ. Brother Jim had called in that minute it took me to run downstairs. The phone was still on vibrate and while it was ringing, it vibrated itself right off of my desk. With the hard wood floors, the thud was easily heard downstairs in the kitchen! The buzzing I heard from the hallway was my signal that I had a voicemail! Sweet, mystery solved.

Again, my big brother was making sure I was ok. If only he'd have called 30 seconds sooner or waited another 30 seconds until I was back upstairs, I wouldn't have had to name my newest gray hair after him!

Thanks, Jim. For being my big brother with ALL that it entails. And, I know with me as a baby sister, it entails a lot! I'm glad you're always there from me, even from the next state over.

That's Just Wrong, Page 14

I had to stop for gas on my way home last night. It cost me over $50 to fill my tank.

C'mon, people. That's Just Wrong.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's Just Wrong, Page 13

Another page for my book titled "That's Just Wrong".

Last night I went to dinner with Michael and Mary Jane. Since I was at their house already, we opted for a restaurant just down the street from them, Ruby Tuesday's. Their food has never done that much for me, but I do think they have one of the best salad bars around, especially their honey mustard dressing. Yummy! They also have some of the freshest cottage cheese and while they no longer have raisins on the salad bar, they have substituted craisins (dried cranberries) which are almost as good.

But, I digress. I'm not here talking about the food.

Another bright spot of Ruby Tuesday's is the lamps that were all over the restaurants. Over each table was a beautiful stained glass lamp, each one was different and a more beautiful than the one before it. I've hit my head on many of them getting in or out of a booth, but that's not what I'm complaining about today either. I am complaining because we went to the restaurant expecting to get to enjoy the beauty of all of these lamps while we had dinner.

But that didn't happen. This Ruby Tuesday's has been remodeled. No more stained glass lamps. They have been replaced with, I'm trying to quote Michael here, "replaced with something that my own mother threw out over 20 years ago". Yeah, that's bad. But, it gets worse.

Michael, a connoisseur of stained glass, asked our server Katie, what had happened to all of the lamps and if they were for sale. Here is the "That's Just Wrong" part.

According to Katie, the employees were offered a lamp at a low, low, LOW cost of $100 each. I imagine that's a lot of money for a server at Ruby Tuesday's, but it would be a great investment for anyone that could have scraped up that money. When the employees returned to work the following day, they found out that ALL of the lamps had been taken to the dumpster and thrown out! What?

First, if you're going just going to throw out the lamps, why tell the employees that they can have them for $100 a pop? Just freakin' give them the lamps! Or, auction or ebay or garage sale them off. If the company doesn't want the profits from the sales of the lamps, donate the proceeds to the nearest food bank or other charity of your choice. But to throw them out??

According to our source inside (that would be Katie!) she said that two older ladies were seen back at the dumpster hauling out the booty and loading up their cars. At least they know a great value when they see them.

So, to Ruby Tuesday's on Abbe Road in Elyria - shame on you. To throw out these beautiful pieces of art, That's Just Wrong.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Ron left for Amsterdam Saturday afternoon. The good news is that he did get in safe and sound and according to Ron, the Nicorette Gum worked great on this trip! It definitely helped him get through the long plane ride rather than suffer with no smoking like he did on our trip to California.

So, I get to be a bachelorette for awhile. It's good to have some alone time now and again.

The weekend was quiet, and I didn't get into any trouble. However, while Ron and I were messaging on the computer yesterday afternoon, I told him that the "honey do" list is starting already for when he gets back. The first and only item on that list so far?

Do something about that spider in the bathroom!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who Are You? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Don't we all just love Who Are You by The Who? Ok, maybe not everyone loves it, but I sure do. I love it so much in fact, that every Thursday after we watch Survivor, I have to turn the TV up really loud to hear that song as it plays as the theme song to CSI! (CSI comes on right after Survivor in case not everyone knew that!) And what do I do while the song is playing?

While I sing of course!

Loudly AND badly! The joke is always after the song I turn to Ron and ask him if any of the notes I just sang were on key! Sometimes I think I'm having a good night and I think I might have hit one or two of them! However, Ron at least is honest with me and will usually tell me the truth that while none of them were actually on the key they should have been, maybe I did get close on a couple! Hey, good enough for me.

That's fine while we're in the house, just the two of us. Poor guy has to put up with a lot of things from me, my terrible singing voice just being one of them things.

Let's fast forward to today. I'm just having a bad work day. I don't want to be here and I definitely don't want to be here stuck in a room with the two dufuses. There is not one healthy cell between them at the moment. I get to spend my day listening to the both of them hacking, coughing, snorting, noses blowing, hacking, choking. Yeah, have you ever heard of a sick day? Geez.

To top that off, listening to the two of them talk to each other can some days be exasperating. Today just happens to be a day that I just don't want to deal with the two of them. So what do I do?

I put my headphones on and tune into an internet radio station just to tune them out. Before you start thinking that I am more technologically advanced than I am, this is a trick I've just recently figured out. In case anyone is slower with technology than I am, it's part of the Windows Media Player. Somewhere on there is an option for internet radio. Once you're there, you can choose different stations listed under different genres. The cool thing is no talking (on the music stations at least!) and as far as commercials go, you just get the station promos after every five songs or so to identify the station you are listening to. I don't know one from another, so I just picked a classic rock station that stated they played everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top! Most excellent! I am old! This is MY kind of music!

So, headphones are in and I am trying not to jam while working. They have really been playing one great song after another! And then it happened. Suddenly I heard "WHO ARE YOU? WHO? WHO? WHO? WHO?" Do you have any idea how much intestinal fortitude it took for me to not join in and sing loudly and badly? C'mon now! I can just imagine the reaction I'd get if I started to sing like I do at home!

I put both hands over my mouth for a few minutes and enjoyed the rest of the song. Who knew I could play music that loudly on my earphones!

By the way, it is pretty difficult to analyze tax codes while jamming to The Who. That's why I had to take a break to blog before going back to it. Uh oh. Golden Earring is playing Radar Love! Yeah, my break just got extended by 3 minutes.

I've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel
There's a voice in my head that drives my heel
It's my baby callin', says I need you here
And it's a half past four and I'm shiftin' gear

God, I hope all my singing that I hear is all in my head!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Screamed!

It was about 10:30 last night and Ron and I were in bed for the night with me already half asleep.

Then his work phone started ringing.

As much as I sometimes envy him with his job, last night was not one of those nights. At least I don't get woken up at all hours of the night and have to immediately throw on some clothes and be out the door.

Not being a good girlfriend last night, I said yeah, whatever, be careful, lock the door, see you in the morning. Then I rolled over and was probably asleep before he made it down the stairs. Hey, why should both of us miss sleep??

Then, before I knew it, something woke me up. I opened my eyes, noticed it was dark and quiet in the house and then I saw something. A MAN standing there, in the dark, next to the bed! Holy crap, what do I do? I'll tell you what I did! I SCREAMED!

Once Ron peeled himself off of the ceiling, I heard his voice saying "it's ok honey, it's just ME!" at which time he turned the light on so I could see it was only him. Whew!

I know, I'm usually the one complaining that he's waking me up when he comes to bed with turning all the lights on and all that. So, for once, the guy tries sneaking back in so as not to wake me and what do I do? I about give him a heart attack with a blood curdling scream!

So, it was a heck of a night at our house last week. Both of our blood pressures were through the roof after that fiasco! But, I did get a back rub out of it, so in the light of day, it's hard to be too upset about it.

And, from now on, maybe we come to a new agreement. If he's coming home in the middle of the night, maybe bells on his boots would be a good start. Then turning on all of the lights in the house on his way up while he sings a jingle! Like that song for I love that song! Then I'd know it was him and no screaming would be necessary.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Have You Driven A Ford, Lately?

This might piss off a Ford owner or two but oh well.

For whatever it's worth, I don't drive a Ford, I've never owned a Ford and as a matter of fact, my Dad always used to say "I'd rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford". In my younger days I was sort of afraid to go against him on the Ford issue and then by the time I bought my Honda I think Alzheimer's already had taken him to the point of no longer caring about Ford.

To be honest, I've had no feelings about Ford one way or the other aside from laughing at the jokes told at their expense like "Found On Road Dead" or "Fix Or Repair Daily". That is until recently when something has been brought to my attention about Ford.

A friend of mine said to check out the cars driving like idiots around you. I don't mean just anyone who is driving faster or slower than you are. I mean the people that anyone can classify as an idiot driving that car. Chances are, they are driving a Ford.

I have absolutely no scientific proof to back this up, just my own observations. Just in the last few weeks alone, here are some of my observations about Fords.

I posted a bit ago about that idiot flying down the road, weaving in and out of traffic in a 35 mph zone and actually getting pulled over by the police? I said I beeped and waved while going by him! Yep, he was driving a Ford.

One day last week, I was heading to work on the Turnpike. Three lanes wide, I'm in the center lane with my cruise control set at 70 mph in a 65 mph zone and there are no other cars anywhere near me. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this black truck comes zooming up on me and has to get so close to me that I no longer see headlights; all I see is his grill. Doing seventy down the freeway, and he has to ride my ass to the point of me starting to have heart failure. There is an empty lane on either side of me but he decides he wants to see if he can kiss my Honda's bumper. Finally he screeches over to the left lane and zooms on by. What was he driving? Yeah, a Ford.

Today at lunch, I ran over to my bank down the street. I have a check to deposit and I am ready to go. Deposit slip is already filled out and the check is signed. For an easy transaction like that during business hours I figure what the heck, I'll go to the drive thru teller. I'm pulling into the bank from a side street. There is a white car just inside of the driveway, just sitting there. A good forty feet in front of this white car are two open drive thru lanes and an ATM lane. Drive thru lane # 1 has a car in it so instead of leaving my car blocking traffic any longer on the side street, I pull around the white car and into drive thru lane # 2. My slips are ready, I grab the plastic thingie, put my check and deposit slip in, put it back on the launch pad and hit send. Whoosh and away it goes. Now I look behind me and the white car is just pulling up behind me and as she gets closer, she flips me the bird! WTF was that about? If you're not ready, park your freakin' car. Don't just stop in a traffic lane and expect everyone to stop traffic in the bank lot and on the street for you to decide what you're going to do. I ignored her and then the car in drive thru lane # 1 pulled out and it was only me. She stayed behind me for a minute then backed up and pulled over to the empty lane to my left. Just as she's doing that, whoosh, I have my receipt. As I'm pulling out, I have to turn left to get out, so now she is outside of my driver's window. I check what kind of car she is driving and you guessed it! It was a Ford! I smiled, waved goodbye to her and drove back to work.

I could go on and on, but try it yourself. Not every idiot driver is a Ford driver. But most of them are! Let me know the results of your own observations!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Freecycle? HA! Ain't Nothing Ever Free

It started out as a good idea.

I heard about Freecycle through someone's blog (I'm not mentioning your name!!) and I thought it was a great idea. It's a free service where people give and get stuff for free. You have something you want to get rid of? Post it on freecycle and someone will take it. You need something for free? Chances are, someone on freecycle has it for you to take.

See? A good idea. In theory. I have stuff at the house I want to get rid of. It's too good to just put in the garbage. In just being too lazy to take it to Salvation Army or Knights of Columbus or some other benevolent organization, I thought I'd post stuff and let them come pick it up at the house. HA! Has anyone sensed any sarcasm in the title of this blog? Nothing is that easy.

I signed up for freecycle and I have regretted it ever since. See, instead of what I think it the prudent way to do things, such as post all of this crap on your website and let people come to your website to look and see what they want or to post their unwanted items, yahoo thinks the way to go is to take each of those posts that happen in a day and email them to every single member who has signed up for this service.

I am getting 30 to 40 e-mails a day now. If you were to open one of these infuriating emails, you would see a link at the bottom that states "unsubscribe". Gee, that sounds easy. Do you think it would work? NO. I've already "unsubscribed" over 30 times already. In that same email is a link that goes to where you need to change your settings. However, in order to change your settings, you need a yahoo login! Hello? You let me sign up for this piece of crap service without a yahoo login but in order to change my setting I need a yahoo login? Fine. I get yet another email address I will never check. I go to my settings. I see an option to make my account a "web only" account which means no more e-mails. If I want to find something, I need to go to the web to do it. Excellent! That's what I'm talking about. However, I've changed my settings to "web only" three times already. The daily emails are a reminder that no one is paying attention to that setting.

When you first join this exasperating website, you get five or six emails with terms and conditions and dos and don'ts. Each local version of freecycle has a moderator who is supposed to monitor the website and who you could go to with questions. Herein lies another joke of freecycle.

I have repeatedly gone to my moderator. First I get that it's an easy fix (as if I'm that much of a dumbass) and all I need to do is to hit the unsubscribe link on any of the incoming emails. Of course, I countered with the fact that I have followed the link to unsubscribe. Over 30 times! And, I've also copied and pasted the address into an e-mail numerous time in case the link just doesn't work. Yeah, been there, done that.

I got no reply to this message. So, I tried again stating that I am continuing to hit unsubscribe as well as going into my account via yahoo and choosing the setting of web only. If he/she can't help me, please send along another contact name and number that I can reach to resolve this issue.

Now I've pissed he/she off. First I'm told to quit yelling at him/her. Honey, it's email for crying out loud! I'm not typing in all caps, so I'm not yelling! I'm frustrated! I want you to go away but you won't go! He/she is trying to "investigate" and so far has verified that my account is set to web only and it must be a glitch in yahoo as to why I continue to receive these emails. He/she has requested that my account has been deleted. Great. Will this happen in my lifetime by chance?

So far, I'm not deleted. I continue to receive these emails (so far we're up to 10 today since 7:00 a.m.) and I continue to feel as if I'm just banging my head on the keyboard.

So, now what do I do? How do I make it stop? The only answer I can come up with is to violate their terms and conditions. Per the T&C, live pets are prohibited from their website as is any pornography. So, should I post unwanted pets and pornography? Maybe that will get Chris from freecycle to do something about this!

Any other suggestions? My head is getting misshapen from all the banging on the keyboard!