Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not The Way To Start A Day

I've had a few rough days this past week.

I came down with a case of creeping cruds last week and come Monday, I thought I was just starting anew. Boy was I wrong!

I started my Monday with my yearly (a few years late this time) girlie doctor appointment.

Ok, let's talk here. I've recently changed doctors and while I really like him, this was his first time meeting my girlie parts. I don't care who you are, the first appointment is a tough one. Gentle or not gentle. Is he going to comment that I didn't shave my legs? (Don't judge me! I shaved my pits for crying out loud. That should be enough for anyone!)

As a side note here and as a public service announcement for anyone that might not agree with my opinion. And keep in mind, this is only my opinion.

If you need a doctor to look at your girlie parts, pick a man doctor. Women doctors suck at examining women. Wait. I have a theory over here as to why they suck! They've had internal exams. They probably have had children. So, they know exactly what you're going through and they are NOT gentle about it. I believe that in their minds, they are hearing an internal dialog that sounds something like "suck it up, bitch. Worse than this has gone in and or out of here". Yeah. It's ugly.

I say you need a man down there. He has no clue what a speculum feels like being shoved up your wahoo. The only thing he can liken this appointment to is his yearly prostate exam. Yeah. He's MUCH more gentle with your nether regions. I've had three women doctors in my day and at least that many men. I'll take a man thinking about his prostate exam over a woman who's birthed a 13 pound watermelon any day. Now I'm off of my soap box.

That's how Monday started. On the good news side here, I got the results back from my Pap. Negative! That's the exact word you want to hear when it comes to a Pap. Negative. All is good in my world, or at least with my cervix.

As a reward for making it through Monday, Ron and I went for dinner with our friends, Larry and Linda. We went, had a nice dinner and then Larry dropped us off at our door. He even pulled up under the overhang so that I could get out and not get wet in the rain! How awesome is that?! Unfortunately, I was too excited about getting out of the car and not getting wet that I let a few things slide.

For instance, the first thing Tuesday morning, I'm in the kitchen putting coffee on when my phone rang. It's not usually a good way to start the morning with a ringing phone at 7:00 am. Something is wrong.

I grabbed my phone and saw it was my friend Linda. I couldn't imagine the bad thing she was going to tell me. What she told me was that as she was getting ready to leave for work, looked in the back of her car and what did she see? MY PURSE! Aargh, I'm still not used to having to carry a freakin' purse.

So, what to do. She doesn't have time to run it over so we agreed that she would leave it on her back porch and I would head right over to retrieve the purse. Let me tell you, I've never gotten ready so fast! I drove to her house as carefully, but quickly, as I could. Sure enough, there was my purse. Wow. I about had a heart attack thinking of what could have happened in the few minutes that my purse was unattended! I trust no one. So, my purse is back in my possession, where it belongs.

As I was working Tuesday, I started to think about what a tough couple of days. I know most people probably have had much bigger problems in their days, but for me, this was a tough couple of days! How to make up for this? BINGO!

I called Ron and asked if he'd be interested in a rousing game of Bingo at one of the local churches. Ron was all about it! We talked Phil into it and the three of us headed to Bingo as soon as I got home.

This was the BEST decision I've made in a long time! I was the BIG winner of the night, walking out with my $525 in winnings! What a freakin' windfall!!! My first thought was to put it to good use, like on bills. Then, I came back to my senses and decided that found money should be blown!

Wednesday, I headed to one of my favorite stores, Bed, Bath & Beyond and I went crazy! The next post will be the booty! I have pictures and everything!

Friday, May 07, 2010

I Got A Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby. My friend Linda recently got me started on a new one.

Did you know that there is a whole sweep staking world out there? Once you start looking, they are everywhere! There are publications devoted to nothing but sweeping. There are meetings (I just went to my first one last Sunday!), there are even conventions. I kid you not, it's a whole new world out there!

How many receipts do you get in a week that asks you to go to a website, answer a few questions, and then you're eligible for a prize. I am ALL over it now!

Between the publication, (yes I caved and subscribed to one) the networking and just what I find on my own, this is turning into quite an adventure all on it's own!

As with everything though, there is good and bad. Let's start with the bad.

I first started this hobby back at the end of January. I got one issue of a publication from my friend Linda and I went to town. Some things you can enter on line. Others have to be by mail. Sweep staking fits so into my CDO (obsessive compulsive disorder, but in alphabetical order, the way it should be) because sweeping is full of rules.

For on line, some things you can enter as many times as you want. Others are specific about once per day, once per month, etc. The same goes for mail in entries. All want specific information, and everyone wants something different. This information can be on any paper, or it MUST be on a 3x5 piece of PAPER (no cards, please!) or a 3-1/2 x 5 piece of paper, or some specifically want unlined card stock! Others even specify what kind/size envelopes that they will accept. It's crazy the hoops they make you jump through to enter a sweepstakes! But baby, are they talking to the right person to jump through hoops! I live for hoops!

I draw the line at trying to find 3-1/2 x anything. I also will not enter any sweeps that specifically want entries on a postcard. As much as I love postcards, I'm not buying them for sweepstakes. A girls gotta have her limits. So, postage stamps, envelopes, 3x5 cards AND 3x5 paper in hand, I sit at my desk and start sweeping. It's mentally calming, almost Zen like.

The online entries can get to me after awhile. Especially after what happened during my first few weeks of sweeping.

I entered an online sweeps through Disney for a seven day cruise! Why not? Free is SO my price! Early the following week, I got a call on my cell phone. Since it's the only phone I have, that is the number I have to give out. The lady that called me said "I'm calling you because you've entered a sweepstakes for a Disney Cruise over the weekend. Do you remember entering?"

Do I remember! Holy crap, I about peed my pants! I stood right up at my desk, ready to show all the sweepers about my beginner's luck and winning my FIRST cruise! I told her of course I remember entering that sweepstakes! I was holding my breath waiting for her to tell me that I won that cruise!

That didn't happen. The bitch was just calling me to tell me about all the terrific prices they had on cruises. C'mon lady, if I could afford to buy my passage, I would. There is a reason I'm trying to WIN one instead of BUYING one. Grr. She had my blood pressure through the roof for nothing! I told her I was at work and I couldn't talk besides I had no interest in purchasing a cruise.

I gotta tell you, I was disappointed in Disney for that one. To date, that has been the only phone call I've received from giving my number out on all of these sweeps.

Now on to the great part of sweeping! WINNING!!!

Last Friday, I came home from work and the mail was on the dining room table. Right there on top was an envelope for ME and it came from ePrize! I know ePrize! I've sent many an envelope to them for various sweepstakes entries! Woo hoo! I knew I won something!

I ripped open the envelope and sure enough, enclosed was a check for $10.00!!! Yes, ten whole dollars! Plus a coupon for a free box of Total cereal (that was a $4.59 value! ) since the contest was sponsored by Total Healthy Wealthy and Wise Sweepstakes!

A winner! I am finally a winner!

Scoff if you must at my $10.00 check. But I'll take it! Now, don't bother me tonight. I have entries to fill out and get in envelopes for mailings next week. Who knows when the next check will appear on my dining room table!

And, if you're lucky, I'll send you a postcard from my free cruise that I'm going to win!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

At The Police Station

Yeah, but for a good reason this time! No bail was needed!

Last Saturday, Ron and I had a mini adventure. I've been wanting to show him some place (and I wouldn't tell him where!) but I have been waiting for nicer weather. It seems we've had crap weather every weekend now for how long!

Saturday, we had a few dry hours in the morning. We needed adventure time, so we tried to get it in before the rains came again.

I actually took Ron to see the gorgeous waterfall behind the Elyria Police Station! Who knew?!!

Trying to look from right to left from one of the lookouts, we see Ron enjoying the view as I'm look up river at the Black River. Then part of the waterfall and then down river. It is really gorgeous there!

Even though the day wasn't be brightest, the scenery here was very peaceful.

There is an apartment complex right on the other side of the river from where we were standing. At first I thought that must be a perfect place to live to have this in your back yard! Then I realized just how loud the water was while going over the falls! Here is what I'm talking about.

I bet if I lived there, I'd have to pee 24/7 just listening to that!

Of course, we had goofing off time too. I didn't realize just how much taller Ron is than me. Until I held my camera out at arms length and tried to get a picture of both of us! I either got a good shot of Ron and the top of my head or a good shot of me and a shot up his nose! He finally hunkered down and in between giggles, I at least got this shot.

If you're ever in Elyria, stop in check out this wonderful park. It is worth the stop!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

My Newest Project

Finally completed!

Ok, this was supposed to be my friend's Christmas present. Um, did I mention that was Christmas of 2009? Well, better late than never!

This was the first time I had done some graph crocheting and I gotta tell you, I loved it!

Because I'm working from a graph, I just change colors on the fly. There is no tying off every time I change a color. I just keep a ball of yarn on the back of the afghan and keep going. The hard part is remembering to always have the "tail" on the back side of the piece! Yeah, I had a few rip outs due to not remembering THAT rule! The highest number of balls of yarn that I had attached at one time was 26. At least that's the last one I counted!

Being the first, it was definitely challenging but I gotta tell you, I absolutely loved it! I loved it so much, I am starting my next afghan made from a graph! The only thing I'll tell you is that the next one is not the same as this one. And, I'm not telling you what it is, in case one of you reading this ends up getting this one as a gift!

I have all of my yarn right here and I'm going to start turning the skeins of yarn into balls of yarn.

Hey, Christmas is coming around again!