Friday, June 29, 2012


We have had a whackadoodle at work.  True story.

Let me back up a bit to give you some back ground.  I work for a small company.  In the building with us is another small company.  Between the two small companies, anyone out of place really sticks out.  You start to recognize everyone's car, you know if something or someone is out of place.

This started about 3 weeks ago or so before Mike left for China.  I went to work on a Thursday morning and there was a car in the parking lot, backed into a space, with a woman in the car.  I had never seen that car before but I figured that since she was over by the other company, she must be with one of the guys from the construction company next door.

When I left work that night, her car was there, looking like it was right where it was that morning.  In the same spot, parked the same way.  I heard the car running, I'm assuming the A/C was on and I saw her moving in the car.  I didn't think much more about it.

Then the next day, Friday, I showed up to work and again, she was in the lot, same spot, parked the same way.  Now I'm really suspicious, wondering if she ever left.  It was a nice day so my office window was open. 

About 11:00 in the morning, I hear her trying to start her car but it won't turn over.  I know she's just spent two DAYS in our parking lot and she is still there and now her car is out of gas.  Who DOES this?  What has she done for food, water, a BATHROOM for TWO DAYS???

I heard both of the guys in the office next to mine so I went over and said something to them.  Some whackadoodle has been in our parking lot for TWO days. 

Sure enough, one of the guys runs right out to her to talk to her.  She is out of gas (no kidding.  She ran her car out of gas in our parking lot by keeping her car running for the A/C!), she has Colorado plates on her car, all of her belongings are in the back of the car.  She is meeting a "friend" but she is out of gas.  Well, she was brought into the building to use the bathroom, then taken to Walmart to buy a gas can, then to a gas station to fill up the gas can, she was bought lunch at McDonalds then given cash on top of that.  The gas was put in her car, and sure enough, it started right up and she was off.

You have no idea just how "off" she was.

She was back Friday night.  She was back intermittantly throughout the next couple of weeks.  You can't fake that kind of crazy.

The guys and I have differing opinions on this situation.  Mike likens it to me taking in every stray cat.  I argued that a stray cat isn't on my porch with a gun or a knife waiting to do me grave bodily harm.  I know crazy when I see it and this whackadoodle is all kind of crazy.  I may not be able to explain it to the guys, but I feel it in my bones that something is very wrong here.

I voted for calling the Sheriff's office.  THEY have the knowledge and the resources to get her into an agency or point her in the direction of finding her way back to Colorado or wherever she is trying to get to.  Having this whackadoodle showing up in our parking lot every few days for a hand out isn't helping her.  My stray cats don't know any better, but she should.  My stray cats aren't packing a gun or a knife.  I don't know if this whackadoodle is packing anything dangerous in her worldly belongings in her car.

No one wanted the Sheriff's department involved and I was told that I was totally wrong about all this.  I guess I can't call myself a Christian because I sure don't have a Christian attitude where this whackadoodle is concerned.  She scares the crap out of me.  I'm waiting for the gunshots, for real.

So, round one went to the whackadoodle.  Then there is round two.  She was back in the parking lot and AGAIN out of gas!  This time she left a note on someone's car stating that she needed help.  That note wasn't acted upon right away, but the next day, gas was again brought to her and put into her car.   Then she was taken to somewhere for a meal and given a list of shelters.  That she could call from her charged up iphone.  Nice.

Once again, give a man a fish he'll eat for a day instead of teaching him to fish so he can eat for life.  I just have a bad feeling about this woman.  No one shares my fear of her.  Well, one of them does but he tries to hide it.

I think the woman is a wackadoodle and I think she needs help.  We're just not the ones equipped to GIVE her the help she needs.  And I think it's wrong to assume that we are.  Call me a cold heartless bitch, but that's how I feel.  What do we do the next time she camps out in our parking lot until she runs out of gas or needs another meal?  How long do you treat her like a stray cat that needs fed now and again?

This is what my stray cat Hemingway did to me yesterday.  This is what my known stray is capable of . . . what is SHE capable of?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Lorain International Festival and Parade

I already told you about how my weekend started, with me helping Lisa walk the puppies!  Well, the fun didn't stop there.  This was the weekend of Lorain's International Festival.  We are huge fans of this festival and I have to give it to the city this year.  This was a fabulous festival!!

I had posted a bunch of pictures over on our Lorain 365 blog so make sure you go over here to see pictures of the festival and go here to see pictures of the parade. 

Ron and I headed over on Saturday for lunch.  Last year, my friends Ruth and Jeff had come in for the festival.  Unfortunately, this year they couldn't make it and I do have to say, it wasn't the same without y'all.  But, we did try to make sure you were talked about and thought about while we were there.  I even ate extra for the both of you, and you'll be happy to know, you enjoyed EVERYTHING I ate!!  That's just the kind of friend I am.

First you have to walk up and down and try to decide just what you want to eat.  I had changed my mind a half of a dozen times and still picked something at random.  I first went to look at the Chinese booth.

Ok, not what I expected.  Actually, it wasn't Chinese lemonade as the actual Chinese food was at the booth next to this one.  I guess they just added lemonade as a side business.  It made for a good chuckle though.

Down and dirty to the food.  I don't know why but I seem to make a beeline for the Greek food.  I grabbed me a souvlaki:

The picture didn't come out great but let me tell you, the sandwich WAS great!  I would have taken an "after" picture but all you'd have seen was shiny tin foil.  I licked that sucker clean when I was done!

Ron went for the gyro and I know he wasn't disappointed.

And, we got a couple of stuffed grape leaves in honor of Edna!  They weren't as good as your Mom's, but they didn't go to waste!

That should have been a good lunch, but after walking around, we had to try tome Filipino food for dessert.

I had to hurry to snap the picture as poor Ron was salivating here!  On the left is one of our favorite things, lumpia.  The far right is some mango juice and in the middle towards the back is the weirdest thing I've seen at the festival.  I don't know what the name of it is, but on the bottom of that cup is some beans.  Like garbanzo beans, lima beans, then crushed ice, topped with a little bit of blue ice cream and a cherry.  Weird.  Ron ate every bite (less the cherry, that was mine!).  Weird.  I also grabbed a couple of bags of fresh kettle corn for home. YUM!

They had an awesome cut out that people were lining up to take pictures in.  Ron took a much better picture than I did.  I didn't put my face in there far enough.  But, it was fun!

In the good news/bad news catagory, I did pass by the funnel cake.  I just stopped by long enough to snap a picture.  I usually take at least one of these babies but I was a good girl.   mmmm I can taste it now!

Before you think I'm too good with my diet, I did stop Sunday at Kiedrowski's bakery on the way out for a sweet roll!  One of my favorite things in LIFE and I can't tell you the last time I had one!  OMG it was worth blowing a diet for that one sweet roll!  Then again, the lady working the counter said not to worry, she had taken all of the calories out of that sweet roll for me.  Is that customer service or what!!   I should have taken two of them!

Sunday, Lisa and I talked about heading to the parade to get some pictures for our Lorain 365 blog.  We staked out a good place to take pictures on the corner of West Erie Avenue and Broadway and like a little kid, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire parade!  My only downside was that I didn't think about being out in the sun that long and right now my forehead is peeling!  Not an attractive look for me, for sure!

So, we were at the parade and we were ready.  First, I snapped a picture for my friend Georgia who makes my blog an internationally read blog!  From our world to yours, Hi, Georgia!

Before the parade started, the streets were closed down in preparation for the parade.  There was an MC down on a microphone by City Hall.  One of the coolest things is this MC had the crowd going by having them dancing in the street!  How often do you get to dance in the middle of the street in front of City Hall?  Way too cool.

 One of the first attractions of the parade was the fire department, Station 1.  Personally, I love these guys, but I digress.  It was a hot day, we were at the end of the parade and people in the parade were tired by the time they got to us.  These guys however, were still full of mischief!  The guys on the truck were playing with some super soakers!  They were dousing the crowds and seemed to be a big hit.   That was fun!

The featured people for this year's festival are the Filipino people.  As stated above, we checked out their booth and they had a gorgeous float in the parade.

One of the best entrants into this parade was the Ohio State School for the Blind.  For real!  In a marching band!  The music was wonderful!  I thought it was kind of funny that the School for the Blind was playing "Eye of the Tiger" though.  The kids were marching in line and each of them had an assistant if you will that helped the musicians stay in line and where to turn.  It was really an awesome sight and they were wonderful to listen to.

Then, just some things I liked at the parade.  This Mexican Princess has the most beautiful gown, the pictures don't do her justice.  I saw her walking around the festival after the parade and I should have asked her to pose for a picture for me.  She was a breath taking young lady.

Who doesn't love a clown?  Especially one who is walking their duck!

Then from the files of "I don't get it", we have these guys.  Not sure what they have to do with the International Festival but whatever.

And lastly, another I don't know why they are there, but you gotta love a Tickle me Elmo car!

After the parade, we walked down to the festival and I had to hit the Mediterranean booth for some Bourbon Chicken wraps.  OMG!  Then the Russian booth for some potato pancakes.   Damn, they weren't my potato pancakes but they were mighty tasty.

Good food, good fun, good friends.  It was a great weekend for a festival.  Trust me on this, if you've never been to the International Festival, mark your calendars and make sure you go next year.  If you've been there before, go back.  You'll see me there, probably standing in line for food with my camera in my hand!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon

No one would believe THIS post without pictures!  Luckily I remembered my camera this time!

Lisa wanted to take her two puppies, brothers Gizmo and Opie who are one year old, out for a walk on the pier at Spitzer Marina.  I wanted to go and help!  We met up at the marina and off we were for an adventure.  Here are the "boys" all leashed up and ready to go.  That is Gizmo on the left and Opie on the right.

We made it all the way to the end of the pier and I thought I HAD to have pictures of me with two large dogs for my sister Cathie!  Who would believe that I did something like this?!!  So, I grabbed both leashes and Lisa snapped away.

It was such a beautiful day.  We were all having a great time. 

Opie was nice enough to mug for the camera!  Such a photogenic little boy!

We can only mug for the camera for so long.  Then it's time to get walking again and the guys were getting restless!  Finally, Lisa had to come rescue me!

When we got off of the pier, Lisa wanted to take the dogs over to the beach area and see if we could get them into the water.  They are part lab so they should like the water!  But, I guess your first time in the Lake is a bit intimidating.

On the way to the beach is a little over look.  The over look juts out over the water and I don't think Opie was thrilled with that.  Every time a wave came and hit the rocks below us, he didn't care for it.  He finally laid down and said that was as close as he was getting to the water.

We left the over look and headed over to the beach.  I kicked off my socks and shoes and was going to help Lisa with getting the puppies introduced to Lake Erie. 

With both of us holding on to one leash, we tried walking into the water hoping the dogs would follow.  No way, no how!  They sort of dug in and wanted nothing to do with the water!  It was a little choppy and the waves were coming in and they just did not know what to make of it.  Luckily, Lisa had called in the big guns for this job, her husband Chuck!

Chuck came prepared in his swim trunks, ready to start swimming lessons!  He started with one dog at a time.  First it was Gizmo.  Chuck didn't have much more luck getting Gizmo into the water than we did.  As you can see, Gizmo put his back to the water and wanted far, far away from it.

Let's try switching dogs.  With Gizmo now looking on, Chuck tried to convince Opie to go into the water.  Yeah.  Not.

Really.  Opie did NOT want in.

Chuck finally got him in, but still, Opie was not a fan.

Finally, Chuck decided he WAS going to win this test of wills.  He picked Opie up and out into the water Chuck walked.

Hmm, maybe it's not so bad after all!

Then it was Gizmo's turn.  To me, the look on poor Gizmo's face after watching what his brother just went through screamed to me "help me!"

And then Gizmo was swimming!

Ok, maybe I can do this, but I am DONE!

Before you knew it, we had two wet dogs who were starting to get the hang of this.

Thanks to Chuck's patience with the puppies, taking one dog at a time back into the water while Lisa held on to the other one at the water's edge, before you knew it, they were both swimming!

It was a great day all around!  I want to thank Lisa for letting me get some puppy time and a huge thank you to both Chuck and Lisa for letting me be part of the puppies' first swimming lesson!  I had a blast today!  And, look at those puppies!  They had a great day, too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday at Portage Lakes

OMG and me without my CAMERA!  This post will suck without photos, but bear with me.

We went to Ron's family reunion/picnic on Saturday at one of the parks down on Portage Lakes.  For those of you that don't know (like me) Portage Lakes are five small lakes that are connected by a series of canals.  Here is a fishing map I found, but at least you can get an idea of how this is set up.

We had a great picnic pavilion very close to a bathroom!  That is an important feature for some of us!  Well, we all brought food and sat and ate and chatted and had a great time catching up with most of the family.

Ron's cousin Bob was there and Bob even brought his pontoon boat.  After lunch, he offered rides around the lakes.  Ron wanted to go so I thought what the heck.  He and I were part of the first boat load to go for a ride.  I had never been on a pontoon boat and it turned out to be much more comfortable than I thought it would be.  This boat fit 10 passengers in nice padded seats!  We stayed in the no wake zones so it was a very pleasant and relaxing ride.

So much to see all up and down the lakes.  All of the gorgeous houses right on the water, and I'm sure even the ones that were falling down were out of my price range!  But, one can dream.  There were kayaks in the water, people swimming, jet skis, you name it.  And, the weather was perfect on Saturday, bonus!

The best part was when Bob took us by the Poop Tree!  Yes, POOP TREE!  Oh and me without my camera!  I should have my blogging literary license revoked for this!  There is a large tree, I'm guessing maybe 20 feet high right by the water's edge at a junction in the lake.  Don't ask me which lake, as I have no idea.  Anyway, as you are approaching this tree, you can see it does appear to be white.  Not the bark but all of the leaves.  ALL of the leaves, all the way from the top of the tree down to the grass.  As we got closer, yes, the grass was white too.

It was because of ducks!  I have no idea what kind of ducks but as we got closer, there had to be 30 to 40 ducks IN THE TREE!  Personally, I have never seen a duck in a tree, but I guess I can't say that any longer.  It was an amazing sight and one I was kicking myself in the behind for missing photographic proof!  The white in the tree was due to the ducks in this tree pooping all over the tree, hence the Poop Tree!  It was awesome!

So there you have it.  It was a great day for a picnic and a pontoon boat ride.

Other than the Poop Tree, I missed a gazillion photo opportunities that day.  Lesson learned - never leave home without your camera.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ghosts Have Been Working Overtime

I don't think I have an overly stocked or even a well stocked kitchen when it comes to gadgets and things.  I do have a few nice things that I feel I don't want to do without, but most of my stuff is old and hand me downs at that.

One thing I have that I love is my ceramic pizza pan that I got from Phil last Christmas.  My old pizza pan has to be 20 years old, and it shows.  It's so nasty that I quit cooking pizzas directly on it years ago.  It must be foil covered to be used.  But, it was better than nothing.  I don't make pizza that often, but it's nice to have a good pizza pan on hand, so Phil helped me out.

This ceramic pizza pan is amazing.  You bake on it, cut the pizza on it, wipe it down and it's ready to be put away.  Nothing sticks to it and that's even after putting a knife to it!  Well, I always wash the pan right after I'm done with it and then it gets put away in the drawer under the oven. 

I went to make a pizza the other night and for the life of me, I could NOT find that pizza pan.  I looked in the drawer where it goes, then looked in every cupboard in the kitchen were the pizza pan would fit into.  No pizza pan.

Phil was upstairs in his room so I called him downstairs.  Some times Phil does empty the dishwasher and put the dishes away.  If he doesn't know where something goes, some times he "finds" a home for it.  While I know I don't put that pan in the dishwasher, I was grasping at straws.  I asked Phil if he put the pan away somewhere as now I couldn't find it. 

Before you know it, the three of us were tearing apart the kitchen, dining room and mud room, looking anywhere that was big enough to house that damn pan.  It was NOWHERE to be found. 

Ron and I had both looked in the drawer that usually houses the pizza pan at least twice each.  No pan.

By now I am sure there is a black hole in my house or at least a spirit playing tricks on me.  Ron even went so far as to ask me if I lent out the pizza pan!  To my knowledge, that pan had NOT left the house.  I will say one thing about Ron - he does NOT give up on a challenge. 

Before I knew it, he was on his hands and knees in the kitchen, practically climbing IN the cupboards, looking for that pizza pan.  He gets to the drawer under the oven, opens it up and guess what.  THERE IS THE DANG PAN!!!!!

For real, we had to have been in that drawer at least five times and there was NO pizza pan in that drawer.  The three of us were still standing in the kitchen so there was no way one of the guys snuck that pan back into the drawer.

My opinion stays the same.  I either have a black hole in my house where household goods go to disappear, or I have spirits in the house that are trying to mess with me.

Birthday Boy Phil

Phil had a birthday recently and we had a couple of celebrations for our birthday boy!

We had Phil to Mutt and Jeff's for our usual Friday night dinner.  We started the celebrating a few days early.  It must have been good because I got a shot of Phil actually smiling!  That doesn't happen all the time!

The day after Phil's birthday, Phil, Mike, Mary Jane, Ron and I went out for dinner at birthday boy's choice of restaurants.  Phil's choice this year was Olive Garden.  C'mon now, who doesn't love Olive Garden??

I think we had a great time and I can prove it with pictures.  Since Mary Jane and Ron had the cameras, they ended up in NO pictures!  So, you will have to suffer through pictures of me and two of my brothers.  First, the three of us.

Mike and Phil, mugging for the camera.

Then, me and the birthday boy.  If I've said it once, I've said it a bunch of times.  When it's your blog, you get to put YOUR picture in there as much as you want!

We may be dysfunctional, but we do love each other.  And, we do love to celebrate birthdays, even for someone as old as Phil!  (HA!!)

So, happy birthday, my brother.  Thanks for letting me help you celebrate!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't Leave Your Camera Unattended!

Especially around MY family!

I know, I'm behind with blogging.  I'm working on it!

Back a few (or more!) weeks ago, my great-nephew Evan celebrated his First Holy Communion.  That's a big deal in some one's life and definitely worth celebrating.  My nephew and his wife hosted an open house after the First Communion and I am not one to say no to free food and a party!

Of course I grabbed my camera but to be honest, I only took a few shots.  I grabbed a shot of the host, my nephew Mike, looking like he's suddenly camera shy!

And, since I didn't have to move from my comfy spot where I was sitting, I snapped a quick photo of two of my brothers.  Michael on the left and Philip on the right.

Then the fun began!  I was in the house chatting with family, or getting more food (WHAT a feast that was!) I was here and there.  Instead of carrying around the camera, I had just left it on the picnic table you see there by Phil.  I never really thought anything of it.  Until later that night when I was downloading pictures off of my camera!

(Please note I have NONE of the man of the hour, my great-nephew Evan!  I am sorry, Evan.)

But I do have pictures of a father and son duo who know how to mug for a camera!  I told them they were going up on my blog!  Sorry it took me so long to do it!

My family!  And y'all wonder why I'm not wrapped too tightly!  I come from a whole long line of crazy!  And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This and That

Honestly!  I lived through my dental appointment!  I have a much lighter bank account but I lived through it.  Unfortunately, it was a week from hell.

I had the tooth pulled, a bad reaction to the Vicodin and then a nasty sinus infection.  I didn't know if I was coming or going for a few days, but that finally passed.  Now I have a bunch of blogging to catch up on and I don't know where to start.

I think this blog will just be a little fluff piece with a lot of little recent stories.  I promise more are coming soon!

Let's start with dinner on Saturday.  Ron and I tried a new place, Jin House, on Kresge Drive up in Amherst by Giant Eagle.  We received a flyer in the mail, otherwise we never would have tried this place!

The Jin House is Japanese and Chinese cuisine.  I don't know much about Japanese cuisine but that didn't stop us from trying it.  I even ventured out a little bit and ordered something I never had.  But first, let's start with Ron's meal.  He ordered the Sushi Sashimi Dinner.  While this wasn't something I would order, it looked FABULOUS!  What a work of art his plate was when it came out!  You know me and taking pictures!  Here is Ron's dinner!

I would have taken an "after" picture to go with this "before" picture but all you would have seen was a white plate with a little mound of wasabe on it!  It was truly a gorgeous (and delicious according to Ron!) dish.

I went a little safer but still went out of my box and ordered off of the Japanese side of the menu.  I went with the Hibachi mixed vegetable plate.  Another gorgeous and VERY delicious dinner!

The picture doesn't do it justice.  It was extremely tasty and I woofed it down in no time flat.  Not bad manners, just good food.

The staff was very friendly and competent.  It was an enjoyable dinner and I would highly recommend making the trip to Amherst to try this restaurant out.  We will definitely be back!

The only thing I want to comment on is the side dishes that came with my dinner.  A bowl of Miso soup and some Edamame.  Ok, I know how to eat soup and this was a mighty tasty soup!  That was a lot of flavor in that little bowl for sure!  The Edamame however was another story.

I've had Edamame before but it's always been cooked and cleaned out of the pod they come in, sort of like a pea.  Well, as an appetizer with the Miso soup, you got a little bowl of Edamame but still in the pods.  I tried to bite one thinking the whole thing was edible, but I couldn't chew it!  It was tasty and salty but I couldn't chew it.  That's when I noticed that there was a second bowl under the bowl with the Edamame.  I assumed that this bowl was for the pods.  So, I broke open the pods, ate the beans inside and threw the pods in the second bowl.  If I ate it the wrong way, someone please tell me!  I hate not knowing what I'm doing!  Aside from the Edamame problem, we had a wonderful evening.

I had done most of my work on Saturday leaving only cutting the grass to be done today.  Ron helped me but I took over the riding lawn mower duties when I was done with the hand mower.

My phone vibrates as well as rings so even if I don't hear my phone, I usually feel it ringing.  I was going through the yard, jamming to my tunes on the Nano, air drumming and all that, when I felt my phone ring.  I know I'd never hear who was on the phone, but I took it out of my pocket to see who was calling.  It wasn't a number from my contact list so I put the phone back in my pocket.

I must not have put it in there very good because it came out of my pocket while I was driving the mower.  It was probably an hour later when I realized I didn't have my phone when Ron and I were in the car and I wanted to text my sister!  NO PHONE!  I know I didn't take it out of my pocket and I just KNEW it was in the damn yard.  I assumed it was in the yard over by where I took my phone out of my pocket to look at it.

Ron turned the car around and we came right home to search for my phone.  I ran into the yard, assuming I'd go right to it.  Ron is calling my phone and it is nowhere to be found or heard.  All sorts of bad things are running through my head like I wish I had every one's phone number written down just in case I lose my phone and I wonder how hard it will be to get my phone shut off right away and blah blah blah.  Ugh, I hate when things upset my feng shui.  Luckily, Ron kept calling my phone until we finally heard the damn thing ringing!  It was in the neighbor's yard!  It was in my pocket for a LONG time after I took it out before it fell out of my pocket!  The phone was hot to the touch from sitting out in the sun, but other than that, no worse for the wear.  Thank heavens the crisis of losing or running over my phone was averted!  (Sorry, Jim!)

Phone in hand, Ron and I got back in the car and headed out to the boat for a ride.  It was a calm day so I thought I could handle a little Lake ride.  Here is Captain Ron, cute as ever!

It was a beautiful day for a ride, for sure.  I'm still terrified in the boat so I hang on for dear life which makes it hard to take pictures that way.  I didn't get many, but I got this one as we were going nice and slow up the Black River.  It really was a beautiful day!

After our boating trip, Ron and I were going to chill at home and watch a movie.  But, when I was cutting the grass, I saw that it's starting to get brown already from lack of rain, so I wanted to put the sprinkler out for awhile.  Besides, my neighbors needed someone to laugh at.  I've been behaving for awhile!  Me moving the sprinkler while trying not to take a shower is definitely a funny sight.

I put the sprinkler out, moved it a couple of times in the yard, and didn't take too much of a shower in the process.  Go me!  As it was time to shut it all off and roll the hose back up, Ron went out with me to help.  I walked out the driveway side door and there is a young Dad with a little tyke, under two years old and a true cutie patootie!  I waved at the little boy, he waved back and that was it.  We were now best of friends!  He brought Dad right down the driveway to visit!

Dad had taken this little guy on a LONG walk that had to be at least two miles long!  He was trying to tucker the little one out so he's sleep but I have a feeling Dad was out tonight before the little one was!  Anyway, we looked at Hemingway on the railing of the porch, he saw the garage door opener on my shirt so I gave it to him to play with (hey, he's not my kid!  I can spoil him!) and we watched the garage door go up and down!  Then, Dad said it was time to go and this little angel ran to me and hugged me TWICE!  You can't buy that kind of love, I'm telling you.  Whatever else happened this weekend, that little boy made my week!

So there you go.  A quick update on what's happening over here.  Stayed tuned though, there is more to come.  Like what happens when you leave your camera unattended on a table at your great-nephew's First Communion party, Phil's birthday party, and a crazy story about a wackadoodle.  Yep, stay tuned.  You don't want to miss this!