Sunday, August 03, 2014

This Ain't Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

People have no manners.  I'm not sure when it became acceptable to drive down the street and throw your garbage out the window but that is all too common around here. 

Every few days, I go pick up the crap out of my yard.  I've talked before about some of the stuff I've found in my yard.  Fast food bags, liquor bottles, candy wrappers are all common.  More uncommon were the knife, crack, dip sticks (to check a car's oil), homework, utility bills.  Then we have the EWW factor items.

Before I mowed the lawn the other day I found this lovely item.

In case anyone can't tell, that is a neon colored condom.  While I know what it is, no, it's not mine.  This is exactly why I put a rubber glove on to pick up garbage. 

A few days later, this is what I found.

Um, perhaps since the condom "fell" out of the window, this option was needed.

I can't imagine being in a position where I would need to get rid of either of these items in such a hurry that I'd need to throw them out of a car window while the car was moving. 

Then again, maybe I'm just old.

And I get the heebie jeebies picking crap up out of my yard for a reason.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Finder's Keepers

The rule in my house has always been that if I find money in the washer or dryer, it's MINE. 

My brother Phil does his laundry every Friday.  I usually do my laundry on Saturday.  Sometimes, just to be nice, Phil will leave me a couple of quarters in the washer.  Hey, they're in my machines, they are mine now!

I went to do laundry last Saturday and as I was getting ready to throw my first load in the washer, I saw a folded bill towards the back of the washer.  I reached in and realized it was actually a few bills folded in half.  It came out to be a total of $48!  Now that's some cash!!

I grabbed the green and went to talk to Phil.  Because I am a nice person (hey, I am!) I took the money to Phil and told him that if he could tell me how much money he was missing, I'd give it back to him.

Phil had a vacant look on his face and said something like "I don't know, a dollar maybe"?  HA!  He wasn't even close!  When I showed him the load of cash he said "wow!  I thought I spent that!"

I talk a big game but I gave Phil his money back.  If it had only been a dollar or two we never would have had a conversation about it.  After all, my machines, my money.

I could bust Phil's chops about the cash but honestly, it was too much money to mess around with and I had to give it back.  For my honesty, Phil took me to breakfast on Sunday!  That just made that situation a win-win as far as I'm concerned.

Friday, August 01, 2014

That's Just Wrong, Page 31

At long last, another fine page that is going in my future book titled "That's Just Wrong"!  And believe it or not, I'm the subject of this page!

Here's what happened a few weeks ago.  I know, I'm behind on blogging.

It was Sunday.  An ordinary Sunday.  I was putzing around most of the day, I was on and off of my phone, talking, texting, playing games, the usual stuff.  The phone was also in and out of the docking station. The cover I have for my phone is not so compatible with my docking station.  I have to take my phone out of the cover to put it in the docking station, then the cover goes right back on when it's out of the docking station.  All I'm saying is that my phone was getting handled a lot that day.

In the late evening, I realized that some of the sounds quit working on my phone.  I had a phone call come in but the phone never rang.  It vibrated but it didn't ring.  My phone is set to vibrate every time it rings.  Then I started playing games on my phone and again, most of the gaming sounds wasn't working.  What the heck?

I have a smart phone and to say it's smarter than I am is an understatement.  But, I did what I could, looking in the settings of the games, and the settings of the phone itself.  I couldn't see anything out of line so I did what I do best . . . I rebooted the phone.

It didn't fix the problem.

I took the phone to a higher authority, my brother Mike.  The first thing at work on Monday, I told him about the phone and I told him what I did.   Mike took over the phone and checked the settings in the games, the settings of the phone itself, and then rebooted my phone.  Duh!  Same things I had done!  Still, nothing.

Mike suggested I make an appointment with Apple's tech support and take my phone in and have them look at it.  Since it IS a work phone, I really need my phone to work.  As much as I hate Crocker Park, I thought this problem was important enough to make me go there.

Some time during the day, I got online to find the phone number for the Apple store to make me an appointment.  While on their website, I saw you could get technical support online as well.  I thought that sounded like a great thing for me!

I started a chat session with technical support, and the first thing I did was warn them that I had no idea what I was doing and really didn't know much about my damn phone.  I told him the problems, and he asked what I had already done to fix the problem.  From there, he had me look at a few things to make sure everything was as it should be.

Then he asked if I had checked the mute button.  Once he said that, I looked at the side of the phone where the mute button is and shared with tech support that indeed the red line was showing.  That was a good thing, right?  WRONG!  I had my damn phone on mute which is why most of my sounds were not working!

You wanna talk about being an idiot?  That would be ME.  Who else calls tech support to be told to take their phone off of mute?!!  C'mon now, That's Just Wrong!!