Saturday, April 07, 2012

Broken, Photo Challenge

Broken.  This broken story brought to you by Benny!

Just recently, Benny has figured out that he can jump up onto my kitchen counters.  I'm sure he's been able to do this for a long time now but for some reason, he never thought he could so he didn't.  Now that flood gate has opened and it's hard to get him to stop. 

When I'm home, I yell and shoosh him down.  But, some time during the night, he is on my cupboards doing heaven knows what!  I know he's up there because in the morning, I'm picking up from the floor all of the stuff he's knocked down during the night.  So busted!  The salt shaker is a common item on the floor.  So is my scouring pad from the sink.  He loves that.  His new favorite toy was Ron's plastic spoon he kept on the cupboard to stir his coffee!  No more stirring spoon for Ron!  I have plastic lids that cover the cat food cans, cups, cat food bowls, anything ON the cupboard will be ON the floor in the morning.  I make sure I don't leave any knives in the sink but other than that, I can't do much more.

The other day, I found this on the floor.  A little concave piece of plastic,  maybe about the size of a quarter:

I had no idea what it was, so I put it on another cupboard to remind myself to ask Ron if it was something important or if I could throw it out.  The next day, this showed up IN the garbage disposal.  Thanks, Benny. 

We kept it around for another day or so trying to figure out where the dang thing came from.  We pulled out the few kitchen toys I have to try to figure out where it came from.  Finally, Ron figured it out.

This is the remote control from the cable box in the living room.  I have NO idea how Benny got this piece off of the remote or how it ended up in the kitchen.  Silly dang cat!  Here is the remote, put back together.  No worse for the wear, in spite of the scratches from the garbage disposal!

It was broken, but now it's fixed!  Thanks, honey!

And, today, we were out riding around after breakfast and found this broken tree.  This was once a huge tree, but as you can see, disease had been eating away at it.  I'm not sure how long it's been down, it does not look like a recent thing.  But, it was sad that this once majestic tree was now so broken.

Broken.  Make sure you check out Georgia, Lisa and Taia and see what they have posted.  The links are to the right!


Georgia said...

Wow! What a nice story (Benny) and what great pictures of the old tree. Very nice interpretation! I love it.

gramster said...

Glad the broken was fixable so Benny wasn't in too much trouble. Pets are so much fun.

Lisa said...

Glad you finally tracked down the source of the black plastic piece. Wow, that's some tree! Hopefully they clean it up soon.