Sunday, January 16, 2011

PhotoPhun Challenge: Ice

Here it is! Our bragging rights PhotoPhun challenge!

The three of us PhotoPhunners went out yesterday to the Ice Festival at Mill Hollow in Vermilion. A great time was had by all! We each chose our best picture and they are posted on all of our blogs. Up above, please vote for your favorite picture! I know which one I'll be voting for! Anyway, the voting will remain open until Wednesday at midnight. This is for bragging rights, people!

First, our contest entries, in random order:

Photo 1: Icicle

Photo 2: Carving

Photo 3: Saw

Vote! And vote often!

Now for some other ice pictures that are just from the festivities yesterday. We did watch them carving some ice. That really was a heck of a sight. To see men wielding chain saws to make some fabulous sculptures was amazing.

As Lisa had pointed out yesterday, it's hard to take pictures of clear or white ice against a white background! These pictures really don't do the carvings justice.

The one above had a lot of people sticking their heads into the hole for photos! It made a cute shot but my cold butt wasn't getting any closer to the ground than I had to! Even for a cute photo!

This was a work in progress. I forgot to go back and see who this turned out. He had a pattern drawn on the other side so the bottom of this was going to be totally different, like the tail of a shooting star.

Now for a guest submitter! My friend David who watches over me through my blog, wanted to join in on our reindeer games on the ice challenge! Here is David's submission of how ice looks in San Diego. Yes, my friend, this is a winner! I am all about THIS kind of ice!!

Please check out Lisa and Mark's blogs as well. They will have the same three photos listed for voting and I'm sure a whole lot more of what they saw at the Ice Festival!


Lisa said...

I would like to vote for David's picture :-)

Welcome to PhotoPhun David! Hope to see more from you soon!

You got some excellent shots, Ree!

Mark said...

I'd like to BE where Dave's picture was taken!!

I'll have my Winter Days pics up later this week.

Anonymous said...

I voted on one of the 3 but the dragon was a good one also. Nice job guys. Wish this weekend was not already planned out. I wanted to go there.

Mark said...

Since I dropped the ball and forgot to post a challenge, this Sunday is a "Free for all". Shoot whatever tickles your fancy!!