Sunday, January 23, 2011

PhotoPhun Challenge: Free For All

And last week's winner was . . . (drum roll!)


The unofficial scoring was:

Mark - 17, Icicle
Ree - 2, Carving
Lisa - 2, Saw

We had a great time with that challenge! We hope you all did too! Thanks to all who voted! And again, way to go, Mark. You deserve this challenge's bragging rights!

On to this week. This week was a free for all. Sometimes I think those challenges are even harder! Due to the inclement weather this week, my happy ass was not willing to go out much for picture taking or much else. I did have a challenge in mind for a future PhotoPhun challenge but decided to use it for my theme this week. My free for all is titled: Pets! Yeah, who knew ME of all people would have them!!

First is Penelope. We have a strange relationship. When she wants fed, she comes to my porch. If there is not food out there ready for her, she will come to my door and look in, waiting for me. As soon as I open the door to take food and water out, she high tails it off of my porch until I go back in the house! Ok, it's not a close relationship, but I still feel she is now mine, even though all she wants from me is food and water! See how trainable I am? Come to my door, I'll feed you. Here is Penelope, as seen through my dirty front door.

Next is my fish. As you know, I've tried countless times to take pictures of my fish in the fish tank. It's really hard to get them to stand still and say cheese long enough for a photo! However, the other night when we came home, Fred, our plecostomus, was front and center in the fish tank. This rarely happens! He's about a foot long, easily the largest fish in the tank and usually the hardest to find in the tank. I had to take this opportunity to snap a picture of my beautiful Fred. He's the only original fish from the tank left in the tank. Here is my Fred!

Poor Fred has been having a rough time in the tank lately though. I bought some tiger barbs who I knew where fin nippers. I never thought of Fred's big dorsal fin as appetizing to the tiger barbs but they thought differently. I waited to buy the tiger barbs until we no longer had angel fish but I should have done a better job at protecting Fred. His poor dorsal fin has been nipped to shreds, my poor baby. I need to take those barbs back to the store.

And of course, the new love of my life, Benny. He is so hard to get pictures of because it is rare that he is not in motion. Here I was looking at my camera and he climbed up on my lap to help me look. Is he the cutest or what! I love that one long white hair that comes out of the top of his left eye!

Benny as he was sleeping on Ron's chair. Poor Ron, every time he got out of his computer chair, Benny was up in it!

And, here is the price I pay for loving my Benny. As you're looking at my eye, just to the left of my iris, you can see the bubble on the cornea. This is what Benedryl is for and just as I took my dose last night.

It's ok though. Benny is so worth it!

Make sure you check out Lisa and Mark's blogs to see what is in their minds for a free for all! Lisa said it's my turn to pick a challenge for this week. The only thing I can think of is warmth since it's 12 freakin' degrees, but that was just done recently. So, let's go with FUN! Show me something FUN! And, have FUN taking pictures of FUN!


Lisa said...

You and your pets :D Love the pic of Fred! Did ya get that momma cat a warm box yet?

Lisa said...

Did you add your votes to mine for the unofficial total? Last time I took a screen shot of your results, the icicle had 6 and we each had one. That would make 17 votes for Mark, 2 for you and 2 for me.

Had to comment again because word verification was orockya.
PhotoPhun will orockya world! ha ha

ree said...

Duh! I thought YOU could add! No, I took your totals and ran with them.

Thanks! I have updated them now!