Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I am a Maintenance Failure

I gave it my best shot!  Some things are just beyond me!

I blogged about trying to fix the trim outside of my bedroom window.  I really thought I had a good enough fix on there to last until spring when I could get it really fixed.  Last Thursday night I went to go to bed and BANG!  That freaking trim piece was again banging away against the house on a windy night.  I guess the staples pulled right out of the wood.

I had given my brother Mike back his staple gun after the last repair and now he's in China.  I may never find that staple gun at his house!  I'm working on my problem solving skills so I'm trying to think this through on my own.  I moved my heavy ass bed again, I got out the step ladder, climbed up and hung out the window to take a look.

Yep, there's that piece flapping in the breeze all right.  But now, instead of just being bent at the top from the wind, the trim is ripped about half way across.  Fine.  Forget the damn staple gun.  I'm just going to RIP that f-er off!

That's easier said than done!  I grabbed and yanked for all I was worth.  I will tell you, this tin is sharp.  I had visuals of slicing my fingers off!  I grabbed my little scissors that I use to cut coupons and figured they would NOT do the job.  So, I asked my brother Phil if he had anything to cut metal.  Who knew??  He DID!  It's a contraption that kinda looks like a heavy duty pair of scissors that are called tin snips.  Perfect!

Back to my room with Phil in tow in case I needed help.  (Plus I think he was nervous about me playing with sharp objects!)  Back up on the step stool, back to hanging out the window to get a look.  It's awkward to look back at what I'm doing from how I'm hanging out the window.  I think I might have scared Phil a bit because suddenly, he's hanging on to the waistband of my pants to prevent me from falling out of the window!

I'm sure his intentions were good but honestly, I never thought about me falling out of the window.  I was too angry with the whole thing to be thinking that clearly.  But, something about him holding on to me gave me visions of him pushing me out that window!  LET GO!  I know I'm a bitch when I'm angry!  He let go but stayed close, and I cut the last inch or so of that piece of trim left handed.

There.  It's fixed!

The bare wood there on the left side of the window looks like crap and now I'm in danger of getting water behind the siding.  Hopefully it will all be ok until spring when I can get someone out there to fix it the right way.

Tin snips!  Could be my new favorite tool!

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