Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas Joy

In following the theme that our family doesn't do much in a traditional way, we celebrated our Christmas dinner together on Saturday, January 2nd.  Hey with most everyone having to travel into Ohio for the party, we thought this weekend worked better than rushing everyone over Christmas weekend.

My sister Cathie from California unfortunately didn't make dinner.  The rest of us were accounted for and we did the proper amount of talking about Cathie since she wasn't there!  Hey, we love you Sister!!  And we all missed you too!

This year, my niece JoBeth suggested a different path for our Christmas dinner.  Instead of the normal turkey/ham/thousands of side dishes, we went for . . . a taco bar!!!  We had the regular taco meat, some pulled pork and the regular trimmings for tacos.  By the way, whoever made the refried beans . . . they were awesome!  Anyway, taco bar followed by an ice cream bar.  Yeah, life is good!

I thought of taking pictures almost too late again.  I sucked at it for Thanksgiving.  This time I think I might have most everyone in the pictures.

Left to right we have Mary Jane, Bill and Philip.

Michael, Brad and JoBeth.

Mike, Jim and Grady.  This is my favorite picture just because of that camera face of Grady's!  Rarely a serious picture is taken in this family!  Love it!!

And most of the rest of my family, Isaiah, Noah and Jenny!  And dang it, I just realized I don't have Evan in any pictures.  I told you, I think of this too late when some of the family is off doing other things!

It was a great dinner, with great conversation, lots of love and hugs.  I couldn't ask for more.  

And now on to some of the Christmas booty.  ONLY from my family would these two items be considered GREAT gifts!!!

On the right is a jar of . . . . gravy!!!  That's my brother Mike's hand in that one.  Hey after all the ribbing he got over Thanksgiving for buying TEN bottles of gravy, he got me one for Christmas in case we were low!  I love that guy!

And from my peeps Mike and Jenny . . . that's a baggie of bread crumbs.  Bread crumbs you ask??  Well, the baggie was part of the gift.  The other part of the gift was a gift card to the new store in Elyria, At Home.  Jenny and I took a goof off day recently and went shopping.  If you've never been to At Home, it's HUGE.  And since it was new, Jenny and I felt we needed to check out every aisle.  That was a good steps day, let me tell you!  

Jenny and I had directional issues in the store.  We couldn't find the bathroom and then you'd think finding your way out would be easy.  Whatever.  We had issues.  Hence the bread crumbs!  Now, when I go back to play with my gift card, I have the bread crumbs to drop through the store so I can find my way out again!  I love my family!

You don't have to be crazy to be a part of my family . . . but it helps!

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