Thursday, March 01, 2012

What's New Pussycat?

Well, our photo challenge is over for now so it's time to start writing.  I'd love to say I will continue the daily posts as I did in February with the photos, but I'm sure that won't happen!  But, I will do my best.

Let's start with telling y'all what has been going on here this past week.

Last Saturday, Ron and I actually did some manual labor, helping out my brother with a project.  We all know what kind of shape I'm in, so after we were done with that, I needed to just chill at home.  Ron and I curled up in the living room and decided to watch a movie.  HE picked a movie and I was jiggy with it. 

Let me give you a little background here first.  Years ago when I still lived at home, I loved watching horror movies.  The gorier, the scarier, the better.  I would drag my girlfriend to the movies to see every gross movie that came out.  I'd regret it while we were there, but I loved it!  Then, when I got my own apartment, suddenly, things changed.

No longer were Mom and Dad just 20 feet away.  Dad was no longer there to thwart the psychopathic hockey mask wearing killer.  Nothing in my dreams would hurt me with my brother right upstairs.  I KNEW that.  Then in my own apartment, I no longer could depend on that comfort of my support system right there.  On Friday nights, I would go to my parents' house for dinner then our big night of me washing my Mom's hair and setting it in rollers while we watched the X-Files.  Ok, that's a pretty calm show compared to some, but then I'd have to drive home ALONE and walk into a DARK apartment alone!  Anyway, that ended my love of horror movies.  Living alone does that for you.

Fast forward back to this week.  On Saturday we started watching The Fourth Kind with Milla Jovovich.  Reading about the movie, it didn't sound like it would be awful, so I thought what the heck.  Besides, it was late Saturday afternoon and it was daylight so of course I thought it would be fine.  You know horror movies lose some of their power over you if you watch them during daylight hours.  Truly!

We didn't even get through half of it when Ron got called in to work on Saturday.  So much for movie night.  I ended up taping the rest of the movie and I thought we'll just finish it another time.  He went to work and I went to do other things.

We finally finished up the movie the other night.  Please note I said NIGHT.  I made Ron sit right next to me on the couch and I tried not to break his fingers while I held his hand.  I was freakin' terrified!  The first part of the movie that we watched on Saturday was easy.  The last half of that movie was INTENSE.  So intense, that as soon as it was over, I made Ron go pee with me because I was too afraid to go downstairs by myself!  Ridiculous!

It's been a few days and I'm still on edge.  I never sleep the whole night through anyway, but I gotta tell you, when I do wake up the first thing I do is look at the time to make sure it's not 3:33 am.  Then, heaven help me the next time I see an owl!  OMG!  Ok, I don't think I've ever seen an owl in the wild but whatever.  It could happen.  I just hope now that it doesn't.

I go down to the couch some time in the middle of the night and now I'm laying there freaked out because I'm all alone down there in the dark!  I really am such a baby!  Yesterday I decided I couldn't take being afraid all alone downstairs, so I went up to the computer room, turned on all the lights and the TV and sat and played Pogo on the computer while I watched stupid TV.  Hey, it made for a long day but it got me through that night.

Yeah, there is a reason I don't watch scary movies.  I have enough trouble sleeping, I don't need to be my own worst enemy.  I am too old to be scaring myself so much!  Trust me, I have enough gray hairs in my head. 

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Georgia said...

Oh, Ree, this is awful. Not sleeping and being scared....
It's the same with me, until we moved into our new old house. I was never scared here in the old house although it has got about 18 rooms, four doors which lead outside and a lot of creaking wood. When I was a kid I once sat in my bed there totally scared of the creaking wood, just like you in the post. My granny took me and showed me that there was nobody in the house. Since this time I never was afraid in this house again. In other houses I used still to be afraid when I was alone. It's strange, isn't it?